12 Healthy Snacks for Busy People

I get it, life is busy. You want to eat well without spending hours in the kitchen. And when that 3pm hunger strike rolls around you want to avoid buying the entire box of fundraiser chocolates offered at work.

One of the most common questions I’m asked is, to snack or not to snack? Truth is, it’s entirely up to you. Whether you snack or not will depend on your lifestyle, hunger and preferences. Some people prefer to sit down for 3 main meals for the day, others prefer little snacks and smaller meals. It’s what you are eating and your overall energy consumption during the day that matters. Each of the below snacks contains a little protein, fibre and healthy fats to keep you full and your blood sugar levels stable.

Healthy Snacks for busy people

So if you are a snacker like me, here’s a list of my favourite mostly no-prep (or at least minimal prep) healthy snacks to get you through your day:

  1. Rice cakes topped with tuna & avocado, boiled egg & sliced tomato, or nut butter.

  2. Greek yogurt topped with berries &/or nuts.

  3. Small handful mixed nuts & seeds (options - add in some air popped popcorn, or make it into a trail mix by adding some chopped dried fruit like dates & apricots).

  4. Apple slices topped with nut butter (or any piece of fruit!)

  5. Plant-based protein custard (literally just whisk a scoop of vegan protein powder with plant based milk until custard like!), top with berries &/or nuts.

  6. Hummus & veggies sticks (quick hummus recipe here).

  7. Quick mini wrap filled with salad & a protein source (e.g. tuna, egg, chicken).

  8. Date stuffed with nut butter & a piece of dark chocolate (dates are fibre rich so surprisingly satiating!).

  9. Edamame beans.

  10. Spicy roasted chickpeas - recipe here.

  11. 2 boiled eggs.

  12. 1-2 Protein balls, recipe here & here & here & here… can’t say I don’t give you plenty of options!

    And… if you do happen to have some time to prep a snack for the week ahead, I’ve got you covered here with plenty of healthy, delicious snack options that will leave your work mates envious!

Healthy Snacks for busy people