How to Pimp your Smoothie + Kitchen Hacks to Make Life Easier

Between Nutrition study, work, training, and creating and sharing recipes with you, it’s fair to say life gets busy! Regardless, I aim to prioritise my health and nutrition because it gives me the energy to be able to juggle it all and have a happy healthy life.

Berry Smoothie Cinnamon Maca Chia Hemp Seed

One of my biggest health hacks is to make my meals and snacks nutrient dense, whilst keeping it SIMPLE and EASY to create.

That’s where smoothies come in. I have one almost every day! And if there’s one appliance I can’t live without to create them, it’s my Sunbeam High Performance Power Blender. I’ve actually gone though a couple of blenders in my time and this one is hands down the best. Super strong blades, 8 speed settings and blends smoothly.

Here’s some ways I use my Sunbeam blender to pimp my smoothies:

  1. Add vegetables and leafy greens to my smoothie – Along with a little fruit, I always include and a serve of veggies (spinach, beet leaves, cos lettuce, cucumber, cauli or zucchini) to add fibre and lower the sugar content. The Sunbeam blender is high powered to blend up firmer veggies smoothly so you won’t even know they are in there!

  2. Include healthy fats – I add a small serve of avocado or nuts or seeds (hemp, chia and flax are my favourites) and the high powered blender easily blitz’s small seeds so the nutrients become available. Healthy fats are so important for blood sugar balance, glowing skin and healthy hormones.

  3. Pimp it with super foods – an optional step but I love including some really nutrient dense super food powders for maximum health benefits. Some of my favourites include plant-based protein powders, maca, raw cacao, medicinal mushrooms (e.g. Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane), cinnamon, turmeric. Just don’t go adding everything at once – flavour overload! One or two at a time.

  4. You can find the recipe to my favourite Beet Berry Beauty Smoothie here.

Other ways I use my versatile Sunbeam blender to make life easier and healthier:

  • Turn your smoothies in smoothie bowls or “nicecream” by using frozen ingredients and adding extra ice.

  • Pre prepare smoothie packs and store three in the freezer ready to blitz & go.

  • Whip up fresh and delicious salad dressings with ease like this 5-min Green Goddess Dressing  or healthy meal prep sauces like this Satay sauce.

  • Make vegetable soups like one of my most popular recipes Cleansing Pumpkin Carrot & Ginger Soup. The large blender jug means I can fit everything in one go and blend consistently and smooth.

  • Grind up nuts and seeds to make my own nut butter blends. You can even add raw cacao and a touch of maple with hazelnuts to create a clean Nutella spread!

  • Create some of my healthy loafs or banana bread without the need for additional appliances.

Smoothie prep

So much ‘yes’ to one appliance being able to do it all from blending, chopping, juicing, milling, kneading and grinding. I keep mine accessible on the bench for easy access and simply wash and rinse it once I’m done – quick & minimal fuss.

Have you got any other kitchen hacks that save you time and maximise your health? I’d love to hear your comments below.

♥ Tris

Berry Smoothie cinnamon maca chia hemp seed