People of Wellness Interview - Danny Shaheen

Welcome to my first ‘People of Wellness’ interview article. Each month I’ll be interviewing a health professional from different natural therapies and health modalities, to share how these practices may help you optimise your health.

This month I chatted with Danny Shaheen, Remedial Massage Therapist from Core Therapy in Melbourne. I’ve visited Danny numerous times for remedial massage and cupping to help with all the muscle tension I hold from training and sitting in front of my laptop for far too long each day! Remedial and sports massage therapy is a MUST for anyone who regularly exercises for injury prevention and to improve flexibility and range of motion, those with chronic muscle pain, if you’re often feeling tight/wound up or stressed, or just in need of a full body massage (who doesn’t love that!). Danny is passionate about health and well-being and is an avid cyclist and family man.

Danny Shaheen Core Therapy Massage

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

My name is Danny Shaheen, I am the sole owner and therapist at Core Therapy. I have been practising as a remedial massage therapist for over 12 years, offering goal specific treatments for health inspired individuals and the seasoned athlete.  

What type of services do you provide at Core Therapy?

Core Therapy is a remedial massage practice offering additional modalities such as sports massage, dry needling, cupping, adhesion therapy and kinesio taping.

What does health mean to you?

Health is the elixir of life, literally! Health to me means living a physical, mental and spiritual life of fullness.

What sparked your passion for health and wellness?

I worked as a graphic artist for a few years, I enjoyed the creativity that was involved however I found the sedentary aspect to be overwhelmingly hard to work with. I have always enjoyed keeping active, it's a part of my DNA! I wanted to work in a more physically active role, so I thought wouldn't it be cool to work as a massage therapist and help others achieve their goals too.

What advice would you give someone starting out on a health journey?

Everyday we grow a day older, but perhaps we can choose to live younger. Be realistic on your expectations and set 'long term' goals. Our health journey needn't be temporary!

 5 Fast Facts:

  1. Favourite meal of the day? Dinner

  2. One food you can’t live without? Cheese (and wine)

  3. Do you prefer morning or evening exercise? Morning

  4. What’s your vice (favourite indulgence)? Donuts mmmmmm

  5. What’s your coffee order? Almond Latte

For more info on Core Therapy, visit:


1300 053 345