People of Wellness Interview - Steph Geddes

This month I chatted with Nutritionist Steph Geddes, who lives and breathes a healthy lifestyle. Steph and I met at an event over 2 years ago and share a love of wholesome food and ultra dark chocolate. And we both happen to have the same breed of dog (Rottweilers)! Steph continually inspires me with the exciting work she does as a Nutritionist, and Recipe Developer, and I love the informative and easy to understand nutrition articles Steph shares on her website.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

I’m a Registered Nutritionist. My husband and I own a Training & Nutrition studio in Sandringham (Linked- Training & Nutrition) however I am not so involved day to day there anymore, I mainly work as a Nutrition Consultant doing freelance work with businesses and brands.

I specialise in recipe development and content creation however also have roles as Head of Nutrition for 28 By Sam Wood and I’m the Official Nutritionist for The Culture Co.  


What does health mean to you?

For me health means happiness. I am happiest when I am healthy which is no surprise as I know that health directly impacts your mental health. Health isn’t just physical however and I am a big advocate of also working on your mental, emotional, social and spiritual health too. 


What sparked your passion for health and wellness (and why you decided to pursue a career in Nutrition)?

I was very active as a kid, I was very into sports and as I grew out of sports I was still naturally drawn towards keeping fit at the gym. This is what led me to study Exercise Science and in that course I had to choose some electives and out of default of not having much else to choose I did some nutrition subjects. I soon realised I loved it, and enjoyed applying the things I was learning to my own diet and noticing a difference (I never really paid too much attention to what I was eating when growing up as being so active kept me feeling healthy). 


What does a day in the life of a Nutritionist look like?

With the work that I do – every day is different, which is what I love about it. Some days I spend a full day at the 28 HQ writing meal plans, articles and filming with Sam, other days I might spend the morning cooking and writing recipes at home and then spend the afternoon creating content and recipes for The Culture Co. I also still do a small amount of 1:1 consulting and of course there is the never ending admin work for both Linked and Body Good Food between emails, website editing, social media and also running my online Detox and Cleanse programs.

Nutritionist Steph Geddes

For anyone who may be interested in a career in Nutrition, what qualifications do you hold & how long did your degree take to complete? 

I have a Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science majoring in Sports Nutrition (3 years) and a Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition (6months).


What advice would you give someone starting out in a health journey? 

Eat more vegetables, include all of the food groups in moderation and eat until your satisfied, not full. Honestly, the basics like this can get you so far with improving your health. Oh and enjoy food!


5 Fast Facts:

1.     Favourite meal of the day? Dinner

2.     One food you can’t live without? Super dark chocolate (yep I’m a 95% kinda gal)

3.     Do you prefer morning or evening exercise? Morning

4.     What’s your vice (favourite indulgence)? Dark chocolate!

5.     What’s your coffee order? No coffee for me but a homemade Dandelion Tea or if I’m out a soy chai latte. 

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