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Tris Alexandra Nutritionist


I’m Tris, a holistic Health Coach, soon-to-be qualified Nutritionist and a self-confessed nutrition nerd, wholefood lover, fit foodie and meal prep queen. I’m passionate about empowering you with evidence-based nutrition + wellness knowledge for you to make healthy eating & healthy living part of daily life.



Health & Wellness Coaching

Tris understands that everybody is different - our lifestyles, goals, choices and habits. That's why Tris provides personalised one-on-one health coaching tailored to your unique needs. Tris uses a mix of professional knowledge and personal experiences to teach you the skills and guide you to finding the right approach for you. Perhaps you want to learn how to fuel your body to maximise your training results? Or improve your lifestyle or eating habits? Maybe you want to heal your relationship with food and learn to nourish your body?

No matter your goal, I'm here to support you to make healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes you will have for the rest of your life.

Recipe Development & Brand Ambassador

Tris is a foodie at heart, and loves to work with brands in recipe development, content creation and as a brand ambassador to inspire and educate consumers to incorporate products into their everyday meals. Using her culinary nutrition skills, Tris creates delicious recipes with a holistic health focus, tailored to her clients’ needs - whether it be for a product, cookbook, or meal plan. Tris has worked with Cobram Estate, Hemple, Mayvers, Hello Fresh, McCormick, Soul Origin, Nuvia & others.

Writing & Research

Tris is a passionate evidence-based nutrition, health and wellness writer, sharing numerous articles on her blog. Tris has contributed to Get Drop Recipes, Nuvia, Affordable Wholefoods, & Australia’s Elite Fitness Models, sharing evidence-based articles to various audiences. If you are looking for a contributor or columnist for your website, magazine or business, I’d love to hear from you.

Tris’ media kit is available on request.